Success in photo colorization competition

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iko­naut wins the inter­na­tio­nal pho­to colo­ring com­pe­ti­ti­on, which was announ­ced as part of the mul­ti­me­dia pro­ject #Romanovs100 and jud­ged by the artist Mari­na Amaral. The­re were three black and white pho­to­graphs of the tsar fami­ly Roma­nov to be colo­ri­zed. iko­naut con­vin­ced the juror with the pic­tu­re of Empress Alex­an­dra in the field.

«The­se were cho­sen for several fac­tors, inclu­ding atten­ti­on to detail, color choices, rea­lism and respect for the ori­gi­nal pho­to­graph. Colo­ri­za­ti­on of pho­tos is an art through which we can express our­sel­ves, but we must always keep in mind that they are also histo­ri­cal docu­ments, and the­re­fo­re we can­not modi­fy and/or distort the items that are pre­sent (or not) in the images. When colo­ri­zing pho­to­graphs, we seek to add colors that are as rea­li­stic and histo­ri­cal­ly accu­ra­te as pos­si­ble, never dis­torting facts or intro­du­cing ele­ments that were not pre­vious­ly part of the sce­ne.»

Mari­na Amaral, Juni 2018

The pro­ject #Romanovs100 is about the last Rus­si­an Tsar Niko­lai II and his fami­ly, exe­cut­ed by com­mu­nist Bols­he­viks in 1918. This ended the Tsar’s rule in Rus­sia.

Pho­to­graphs of Empress Alex­an­dra in the field | Grand Duch­ess Olga Niko­la­ev­na Roma­no­va | Tsar Nicho­las II (1868–1918) with son Ale­xei