King’s Farm Zizers

King's Farm, Zizers, 3d-reconstruction, ikonaut

3D-Recon­struc­tion and Icons for the King’s Farm in Zizers (2015)
for the Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Ser­vice Grau­bün­den

The 3D recon­struc­tion shows the Caro­lin­gi­an-Cot­to­nish King’s Farm (‘ cur­tis’) in Zizers from the 8th – 11th cen­tu­ry. The icons depic­ted pos­ses­si­ons and rights of the roy­al court.

3D-recon­struc­tion | Detail of the recon­struc­tion | Icons for the pos­ses­si­ons | The board at the ope­ning of the upgraded find site | Site in Zizers

Königshof Zizers, 3d-rekonstruktion, ikonaut

Königshof Zizers, 3d-rekonstruktion, zoom, ikonaut

Koenigshof Zizers, Icons, ikonaut

Koenigshof Zizers, Tafel, ikonaut

Koenigshof Zizers, Gelaende, ikonaut

Visit the Site

The upgraded site can be visi­ted in the cent­re of Zizers. Three panels shed light on the histo­ry and archaeo­lo­gy of the King’s Farm.