Visualizations SBB Station Bern

SBB Bahnhof Bern Laenggasse ikonaut

Archi­tec­tu­re Visua­li­za­ti­on SBB Sta­ti­on Bern (2017)
for SBB

SBB is con­ver­ting the Bern sta­ti­on to 2027. The new pede­stri­an sub­way «Unter­füh­rung Mit­te» and ent­ries at Läng­gas­se and Buben­berg­platz is being built.


Tit­le image
Ent­ry Läng­gas­se

Images below
Old and the new pede­stri­an sub­way of Bern sta­ti­on.
The new­ly desi­gned Milch­gäss­li from Post­Parc with the uni­ver­si­ty in the back­ground.
Ent­ry Buben­berg with a view into the new pede­stri­an sub­way.

SBB Bahnhof Bern Personenunterfuehrung ikonaut
SBB Bahnhof Bern Milchgaessli ikonaut
SBB Bahnho Bern Bubenberg ikonaut