Iron Age Pen in the Silvretta Alps

Pferch Eisenzeit Silvretta

3D-recon­struc­tion (2015)
for the Archeo­lo­gi­cal Ser­vice Gri­sons

Based on latest sci­en­ti­fic know­ledge – after what milk was repro­ces­sed alre­ady 3’000 years ago in the Sil­vret­ta Alps / Switz­er­land – this iron age pen was recon­struc­ted in 3D.


Main pic­tu­re
Recon­struc­tion of the Iron Age pen

Pic­tures below
Con­struc­tion of a wall sec­tion. This one was cap­tu­red pho­to­gram­me­tri­cal­ly and instal­led in the 3d-sce­ne­ry.

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