2740 Year old Tomb

Francavilla Figurine, tomb, ikonaut

3D recon­struc­tion and ani­ma­ti­on ‘La tom­ba di un bam­bi­no di VIII seco­lo a. C.’ (2015)
for the Uni­ver­si­ty of Basel, Dept. of Clas­si­cal Stu­dies

The 3D ani­ma­ti­on shows the tomb of an infant about 740 years B. C., which was buried on the ceme­te­ry ‘Necro­po­li di Mac­chia­ba­te’ in Fran­ca­vil­la Marit­ti­ma in today’s Cala­b­ria / Ita­ly. To the envi­ron­ment and the tomb various access­ories have been recon­struc­ted, inclu­ding two neck­laces with bron­ze and amber pen­dants, a brooch, various ves­sels and a kni­fe.

The ani­ma­ti­on is shown in full length in the per­ma­nent exhi­bi­ti­on at the Museo Natio­na­le Archeo­lo­gi­co del­la Siba­riti­de, Ita­ly | 3D recon­struc­tion of a bron­ze figu­re, chains, a brooch and an Askos | con­tri­bu­ti­on to the exca­va­tions in Fran­ca­vil­la Marit­ti­ma, published in the ‘as.’ Archaeo­lo­gy Switz­er­land 38.2015.3

Bronzefigur Francavilla, ikonaut

Francavilla Kette, ikonaut

Francavilla Kette 2, ikonaut

Francavilla Fibel, ikonaut

Francavilla, Askos, ikonaut

as, Francavilla, ikonaut