Solothurn’s Past

solothurns vergangenheit, Solothurn's past, Eiszeit, Rekonstruktion, ikonaut

Recon­struc­tions / Scen­ei­es of Solothurn’s Past for the Per­ma­nent Exhi­bi­ti­on on Earth Histo­ry (2014)
for the Solo­thurn Natu­ral Histo­ry Muse­um

The sce­nes pro­vi­de a view from the second floor of the Natu­ral Histo­ry Muse­um to the area of today’s city of Solo­thurn.
The pic­tures were sub­se­quent­ly con­ver­ted into 3D images for Guckis by an exter­nal com­pa­ny.

Solo­thurn in the Ice Age 100’000 years ago with the dwind­ling Rho­ne Gla­cier | View into the Solo­thurn of the Eoce­ne (50ma) | Juras­sic Age (145ma)

Solothurn, Eiszeit, ikonaut

Solothurn, Eozaen, Rekonstruktion, ikonaut

Solothurn, Jurazeit, Rekonstruktion, ikonaut