Single-Cell Extraction

Cell, V166, Single-Cell Extraction, ikonaut

Illu­stra­ti­ons about sin­gle-cell extrac­tion (2016)
for the ETH Zurich, Insti­tu­te of Micro­bio­lo­gy

The illu­stra­ti­ons were crea­ted for the arti­cle ‘Tun­ab­le Sin­gle-Cell Extrac­tion for Mole­cu­lar Ana­ly­ses’, published in CELL, Volu­me 166, Issue 2,14 July 2016, pages 506–516.

FluidFM-Based Extrac­tion Approach | Extract Ima­ging by Nega­ti­ve-Stain Trans­mis­si­on Elec­tron Micro­sco­py | Enzy­mes Activi­ty Assays | Gene Expres­si­on Ana­ly­sis

Cell, V166 Single Cell-Extraction, cell-extraktion, ikonaut

ETH, Examination by TEM, einzelzell-extraktion, ikonaut

ETH, Detection of enzymatic activity, einzelzell-extraktion, ikonaut

ETH, Gene expression analysis, einzelzell-extraktion, ikonaut