Paléoskop – Illustrations and Graphics

paleoskop, illustrations, ikonaut

Idea / Con­cept / Design (2014)
with Ludic GmbH
for Juras­si­ca

With Paléo­skop, the visi­tor to the Dino­tec dis­co­very site in Por­ren­truy beco­mes a rese­ar­cher hims­elf. Equip­ped with an iPad, they start loo­king for hid­den dino­saur traces or the recon­struc­ted dino­saurs that left them – visi­ble as 3D objects in Aug­men­ted Rea­li­ty. With each “find”, the visi­tor activa­tes an audio-visu­al chap­ter on the dino­saurs and their explo­ra­ti­on in his inter­ac­tive rese­arch sketch­book.

More infor­ma­ti­on about Aug­men­ted Rea­li­ty and the ani­ma­ti­ons in Paléo­skop.

Paléoskop, digitales Skizzenbuch, ikonaut

Paléoskop, digitales Skizzenbuch 2, ikonaut

Paléoskop, Betonwandgrafik im Aufbau, ikonaut

Dinotec, paléoskop, illustrations, ikonaut

Paléoskop, App-Test vor Ort, ikonaut

Paléoskop, Infografik für Betonwand, ikonaut

Visiting Paléoskop

The Dino­tec site is free­ly acces­si­ble all year round. iPads can be bor­ro­wed from the JURASSICA Muse­um Por­ren­truy for CHF 10.00 for an inter­ac­tive tour with a Paléo­skop. The muse­um is open from Tues­day to Sunday, 14:00–17:00.