Krak des Chevaliers

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Medieval Knight, krak, ikonaut

As a self-direc­ted pro­ject, we will recon­struct and revi­ve the cast­le Krak des Che­va­liers (قلعة الحصن), the majo­ri­ty of who­se com­pon­ents date back to the time of the Cru­sa­des.
Moti­va­ted by the crea­ti­ve adven­ture, we do not yet know whe­re the who­le thing will lead medi­al­ly and aesthe­ti­cal­ly. Howe­ver, we will update you at irre­gu­lar inter­vals to the latest sta­tus of our visu­al expe­ri­ment.

Order of St. John | Con­struc­tion pha­ses (peri­od 2, pha­se 1) of the Krak des Che­va­liers | Plan over­view for the 3D recon­struc­tion | Knights of the Order of St. John around 1200 | Medi­eval pedal cra­ne

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