Illustrations City History Baden

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Joseph Zehnder, Illustrations City History Baden, ikonaut
Illu­stra­ti­ons for the City Histo­ry of Baden (2015)
for the City of Baden

Fif­te­en por­trait illu­stra­ti­ons of Baden’s per­so­na­li­ties, sym­bo­li­cal­ly rep­re­sen­ting dif­fe­rent peri­ods of the city. Fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on about the histo­ri­cal city views and the recon­struc­tions, infor­ma­ti­on gra­phics and plans for the histo­ry of Baden.

News­pa­per magna­te and influ­en­ti­al poli­ti­ci­an: the publisher Joseph Zehn­der (around 1884) | The bron­ze caster and the first sou­ve­nir from Aquae Hel­ve­ti­cae: Gemel­lia­nus (around 250 AD) | Bat­hing as locus amo­e­nus: Gio­van­ni Fran­ces­co Pog­gio Brac­cio­li­ni (1416) | Poe­try in the Bad­gast­hof: Lui­se Egloff, blind poe­tess (around 1825) | Women’s work in a male domain: Cra­ne ope­ra­tor Wan­da Fer­ro-Azz­a­li (around 1953) | The gol­den sec­tion in the wrist: archi­tect Hans Loep­fe (around 1955) | Stadt­max, der Bar­rier­be­zwin­ger: Stadt­am­mann Max Mül­ler (around 1960)

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Joseph Zehnder, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Gemellianus, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Poggio Bracciolini, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Luise Egloff, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Wanda Ferro-Azzali, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Hans Loepfe, ikonaut

Stadtgeschichte Baden, Max Mueller, ikonaut

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