Fossil of the Month

Fossil of the Month, illustration, ikonaut

Illu­stra­ti­ons for Le Fos­si­le du Mois / Fos­sil of the Month (2014 / 2015)
for the know­ledge for­mat ‘Décou­ver­te’ by RTS – Radio Télé­vi­si­on Suis­se

From August 2015 ‘Décou­ver­te’ tog­e­ther with JURASSICA will publish the fos­sil of the month with illu­stra­ti­ons by iko­naut.

Icht­h­y­o­sau­rus (August) | Apa­to­sau­rus (Sep­tem­ber) | Arche­ty­pe turt­le (Octo­ber) | Sea cro­co­di­le (Novem­ber) | Molas­si­the­ri­um dele­mon­ten­se (Decem­ber) | Dei­not­he­ri­um (Janu­a­ry) | Mam­moth (Febru­a­ry) | Cave bear (March)

Fossile du mois, illustration, ikonaut