Kolkrabe Rig 3 Birdly fly

Low-Poly Simu­la­tor Rigs for real-time ren­de­ring in Game Engi­ne (2014)
for the rese­arch pro­ject “Bird­ly – an Attempt to Fly” of the Zurich Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts & Bird­Life Switz­er­land

Bird­ly is a new type of bird flight simu­la­tor that makes it pos­si­ble to expe­ri­ence the fee­ling of fly­ing over 3D glas­ses and a sophi­sti­ca­ted hydrau­lic plat­form.
iko­naut has crea­ted 3D objects, tex­tures and Low-Poly Simu­la­tor-Rigs, which can be used for real-time ren­de­ring in game engi­nes.

Kolkrabe Rig 2, birdly, ikonaut

Rotmilan frontal, birdly, ikonaut

Gebaeude, low-poly, birdly, ikonaut

Infrastruktur, low-poly, birdly, ikonaut

Skizzen, birdly, ikonaut