Bern Railway Station 2025 in VR

SBB, RBS, Bahnhof Bern, Railway Station Bern, Virtual Reality, VR, ikonaut

Expan­si­on of SBB and RBS Bern rail­way sta­ti­on in VR (2017–2018)
with Ludic GmbH
for Schwei­ze­ri­schen Bun­des­bah­nen SBB
and Reg­nio­nal­ver­kehr Bern-Solo­thurn RBS

SBB and RBS are rebuil­ding the Bern rail­way sta­ti­on until 2025. The new pede­stri­an under­pass ‘Unter­füh­rung Mit­te’, access points at the Läng­gas­se, the Buben­berg­platz and a pas­sa­ge­way at the Wel­le as well as a new RBS rail­way sta­ti­on are being built.

In Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty (VR) the future Bern rail­way sta­ti­on can alrea­dy be visi­ted today.
For SBB and RBS, iko­naut worked tog­e­ther with Ludic GmbH on model­ling, tex­tu­ring and inter­ac­tivi­ty of the app­li­ca­ti­on. A ver­si­on with exten­ded func­tions is used by SBB to test the use of VR in the plan­ning and deve­lop­ment pro­cess. It allows users to adjust mate­ri­als, mea­su­re distan­ces and simu­la­te visi­tor flows. Important deci­si­ons are the­re­fo­re to be made more sound­ly and expen­si­ve con­struc­tion errors are to be avoi­ded at an ear­ly sta­ge.