North View Legion Camp Vindonissa

Legionslager Vindonissa Nordansicht ikonaut

3D recon­struc­tion legi­on camp Vin­do­nis­sa north view (2017)
for the Legio­närs­pfad Vin­do­nis­sa / Muse­um Aar­gau

The visua­li­za­ti­on shows the north view of the legi­on camp Vin­do­nis­sa around 50 AD with the rub­b­le hill, which has accu­mu­la­ted bet­ween the camp and the river Aare, and is made acces­si­ble by walks with pali­sa­des.

The image is used by the Legio­närs­pfad Vin­do­nis­sa, among other things, for infor­ma­ti­on boards and sup­ple­ments the sou­thern views com­mis­sio­ned by the Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Ser­vice of Can­ton Aar­gau.