Lifelike Reconstructions for Shadow Boxes

Life­li­ke recon­struc­tions (2014)
for the Muse­um of Natu­ral Histo­ry Solo­thurn
for the geo­lo­gi­cal per­ma­nent exhi­bi­ti­on

Whi­le you are loo­king through a shadow box instal­led on the 2nd floor of the muse­um, this life­li­ke recon­struc­tions will give you an idea what the city of Solo­thurn could have loo­ked like some thousand or mil­li­on years ago.

above: Ice age 100’000 years ago with the shrin­king Rhô­ne gla­cier.
below: Glim­p­se into the Eoce­ne (50ma) and into the Juras­sic peri­od (145ma)