Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des Chevaliers crane

Our arti­s­ti­cal adven­ture

As an auto­no­mously pro­ject we will recon­struct the cast­le «Krak des Che­va­liers» (قلعة الحصن), who­se parts most­ly date pack to the cru­sa­des.

Moti­va­ted by the arti­s­ti­cally adven­ture we don’t know whe­re we’re hea­ding medi­al or aes­t­he­ti­cally. But of cour­se we will keep you infor­med about our visu­al expe­ri­ment.

Hea­der pic­tu­re

Con­struc­tion pha­se (peri­od 2, pha­se 1) of «Krak des Che­va­liers»

Pic­tures below
Plan-over­view for 3D-recon­struc­tion
Hospi­ta­ler knight around 1200
Medi­eval cra­ne