Inauguration of Paléoskop



We are very loo­king for­ward to solem­n­ly inau­gu­ra­te our augmen­ted rea­li­ty-app­li­ca­ti­on «Paléo­skop – Tracking Dino­saurs» on 3rd of Sep­tem­ber 2014, 17 to 19 p.m. at the Dino­tec in Por­ren­tu­ry.

In recent years rese­ar­chers uneart­hed one of the world’s most signi­fi­cant paleon­to­lo­gi­cal finds – tens of thousands of fos­si­li­sed dino­saur tracks exten­ding right across the Can­ton of Jura. Once they had been stu­di­ed by palaeon­to­lo­gists, the­se fos­si­li­sed trea­su­res were cove­r­ed over with roads and buil­dings.

This is whe­re Paléo­skop comes in. This inter­ac­tive open-air muse­um in Por­ren­truy uses aug­men­ted rea­li­ty to make the invi­si­ble visi­ble and to pro­vi­de visi­tors with an insight into a wide ran­ge of palaeon­to­lo­gi­cal topics. Using an iPad app, you beco­me a palaeon­to­lo­gist and set off in search of dino­saurs and their tracks. You get to dis­co­ver the real facts behind the myths that sur­round the­se prehi­sto­ric ani­mals.

Wel­co­me to the real Juras­sic Park!

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