History of the City of Baden Reconstructions and Plans

Baederquartier Baden 200

Recon­struc­tion and plans (2015)
for the Histo­ry of the City of Baden

Various recon­struc­tions and plans for the histo­ry of the city of Baden.

above: Recon­struc­tion of the ther­mae district of Aquae Hel­ve­ti­cae around 200 AC (todays bat­h­ing quar­ter in Baden).

selec­tion below:
Recon­struc­tion of a roman apsis in the 3rd cen­tu­ry (Bas­sin I, bat­h­ing quar­ter Baden).
Swiss ter­ri­to­ry in in roman times 100 AC.
Baden around 1700 with its mona­ste­ries, church­es and cha­pels and also with its cle­rics.

Rekonstruktion ApsisRoemische SchweizKlerikerkarte Baden 1700




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