2740 Year old Grave Reconstructed

Francavilla Figurine Grave

3D-recon­struc­tion and Sum­ma­ry of the Ani­ma­ti­on (2015)
for the Uni­ver­si­ty of Basel, Dep. Anci­ent Stu­dies

The 3D-ani­ma­ti­on shows the gra­ve of an infant about 740 years BC, witch was buried on the cemete­ry «Necro­po­li di Mac­chia­ba­te» in Fran­ca­vil­la Marit­ti­ma in todays Cala­b­ria / Ita­ly. Addi­tio­nal to the envi­ron­ment and the gra­ve, several buri­al objects such as two neck­laces with bron­ze- and amber­pen­dants, a fibu­la, dif­fe­rent ves­sels and a kni­fe were recon­struc­ted.

This ani­ma­ti­on is dis­play­ed in full length in the «Museo Natio­na­le Archeo­lo­gi­co del­la Siba­rit­i­de», Ita­ly.

Hea­der pic­tu­re
3D-recon­struc­tion of a bron­ze­fi­gu­ri­ne

Pic­tures below
3D-recon­struc­ted neck­laces, fibu­la, Askos, stills of the buri­al from the ani­ma­ti­on

Francavilla Necklace 1
Francavilla Necklace
Francavilla Fibula
Francavilla Askos
Francavilla Grave Stills