Graphics for Paléoskop

Paléoskop – App-Test vor Ort

Master’s degree «Paléo­skop» (2012–2013) Tho­mas Erdin & David Schürch / ZHdK
in Coöpe­ra­ti­on with JURASSICA

above: Aug­men­ted Rea­li­ty in the field – Embeds 3D-Objects in a real envi­ron­ment
below: Tracks on the CPP area in Por­ren­tu­ry / Rea­li­za­ti­on of the con­cre­te wall gra­phic in the backyard
of the horo­lo­gi­cal col­le­ge CPP in Por­ren­truy / Con­cre­te gra­phic in the backyard /
Info­gra­phic for the con­cre­te wall – meso­zoic a
nd ceno­zoic in rela­ti­ons

Arti­cle from ZETT 3–12

Paléoskop – fossile Dinosaurierfährten