06.2015 – Award

Lan­zen­dorf Paleo­Art Prize

iko­naut and Kent A. Ste­vens have won the renow­ned Lan­zen­dorf Paleo­Art Pri­ze in the Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic Digi­tal Mode­ling and Ani­ma­ti­on cate­go­ry.

This pri­ze is awar­ded annu­al­ly by the Socie­ty of Ver­te­bra­te Paleon­to­lo­gy in North Ame­ri­ca.

The John J. Lan­zen­dorf Paleo­Art Pri­ze was crea­ted to reco­gnize out­stan­ding achie­ve­ment in paleon­to­lo­gi­cal sci­en­ti­fic illus­tra­tion and natu­ra­li­s­tic art. The­se are the only art awards pre­sen­ted by the sci­en­ti­fic com­mu­nity that spe­ci­fi­cally reco­gnize accom­plish­ments in paleon­to­lo­gi­cal visua­liza­t­ion. Paleo­Art is broad­ly defi­ned as the sci­en­ti­fic or natu­ra­li­s­tic ren­de­ring of paleon­to­lo­gi­cal sub­ject mat­ter per­tai­ning to ver­te­brate fos­sils.  Paleo­Art is one of the most important vehi­cles for com­mu­ni­ca­ting dis­co­ve­ries and data among Paleon­to­lo­gists, and is cri­ti­cal to pro­mul­ga­ting Ver­te­brate Paleon­to­logy across disci­pli­nes and to lay audi­en­ces.’

09.2014 – Nomi­na­ti­on

Nomi­na­tion Prix netzhdk

iko­naut was nomi­na­ted for the award of the ZHdK-Alum­ni-Orga­ni­sa­ti­on netzh­dk.

Every year, netzh­dk awards a pri­ze to a bachelor’s or master’s alum­ni of the ZHdK.

06.2010 – Award

Design Förderpreis 2010 of the Zurich University of the Arts

The bache­lor the­sis ‘Wild­wech­sel’ / ‘Snapshot’ by David Schürch was awar­ded the Design För­der­preis 2010 of the Zurich Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts.

This important pri­ze is awar­ded every year and reco­gni­zes the best diplo­ma pro­ject in a uni­ver­si­ty.’