Animation in Paléoskop

apatosaurus animation

Idea / Con­cept / Design
Aug­men­ted rea­li­ty teaser (2014)
for Juras­si­ca
in coöpe­ra­ti­on with ‣ Ludic GmbH

By using the iPad app «Paléo­skop», you beco­me a paleon­to­lo­gist your­sel­fe and set off in search of dino­saurs and their tracks – visi­ble again as 3D-objects in aug­men­ted rea­li­ty.
With every new find you will activa­te a new chap­ter in your inter­ac­tive researcher’s sketch­book – aug­men­ted with dino­saur ani­ma­ti­ons.

‣ Juras­si­ca

3D-ske­le­ton recon­struc­tion
© 2010–2014 Kent A. Ste­vens & Scott Ernst
All rights reser­ved.

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The site of the find «Dino­tec» is open to the public throug­hout the year.
To visit the Dino­tec inter­ac­tively with «Paléo­skop» you can rent an iPad for CHF 10.– at the JURASSICA Muse­um in Por­ren­truy.
The muse­um is open Thurs­day through Sunday from 14 to 17 p.m.
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